Georgi + Brian {Key Biscayne and Miami Engagement Session}

Good Afternoon Blog Readers and Web World!  We’re on a blog roll today here at k.Norwood Portraiture!  We have had so much fun and exciting stuff going on and we’re finally getting a moment to share it.  We have just been having such a fabulous time this year and we hope you all are too.  2013 is definitely a year for learning and growth, both personal and business for us.  It’s been great – couldn’t ask for more!

Not too long after the beginning of the year we were honored to meet with the amazing Miss Georgi Sims.  She hadn’t booked a wedding photographer with just a few months to go of her wedding and we were REALLY hoping for her to be one of our brides.  Her and her mother were an extreme delight to have in the studio and it was just one of those, “man! I really hope we get to work with them!” moments.  Well, thankfully they chose us!

Georgi is a BCS native and she met her soon to be hubby in New Orleans where they were both furthering their education.  They’ve since moved to Miami where they share a love for the beach, New Orleans, Miami, and eating Cajun food!  He loves golf and she loves him!  We had the pleasure of flying out to Miami to spend some time with them to do their engagements.  We had a lovely time, despite a few setbacks (but that keeps life interesting, right?), and wanted to share a few images with you!  We are anxiously awaiting their marriage celebration on April 6th at the FABULOUS Astin Mansion.  We can’t wait to see how the Mansion looks with a Cajun Flair!

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