Madrid-Day 1 Part Deux {Bryan-College Station Travel Photographers}

Our story continues with us leaving 28 Maestro Lassalle and finding our way back to downtown Madrid to do a bit of sightseeing and get something to eat for lunch. We kinda thought we would have a traditional meal but when you are as hungry as we were, anything will do. Now parking in Madrid is as close to a sporting event as I would like to get. Trying to figure out where we could park so we didn’t get towed, then make sure we even knew where we were parked was going to be a feat for even the most seasoned of travelers. Here’s a few images from our trip downtown.


Downtown Madrid


More Downtown sites


Loft living


Guess where we wound up eating!


By the time we found a place to park the car we were so hungry we wound up eating at the Golden Arches.


Libre Parking does not mean "Free Parking"


It’s late again and I have yet to tell the story of the lost ticket. It really is a funny one so stay tuned for Madrid Part Tres.



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