Official Announcement {Brazos Valley Portrait Photographer}

Official Announcement!

A couple of weeks ago I received my Official announcement of my Merit and Loan Collection images printed with PPA’s 125th Annual Exhibition information. Since my images were submitted digitally for print competition this year, they will actually be able to be viewed on the monitors so that other participants can enjoy them. There are some new rules coming to PPA’s International Print Competition that will really impact us as participants but it’s always a change that makes you stretch and grow as a photographer and a creative artist. I never used to think of myself as an artist but the longer I work in the field of photography…the more I believe I AM an ARTIST! Whether it is learning to create mood with color or lighting or using a new painting technique to perfect an image, I am creating something that another person will appreciate…and I LOVE THAT!!!

I have the goal of going 4 for 4 next year which is not easy to do and will require me to push myself in ways I’ve not thought about. Education will again be a primary way of pushing myself and I look forward to some upcoming workshops dealing with Landscape Photography and Corel Painter. Of course, there is always Texas School, a week long educational whirlwind. I haven’t quite decided who I will take this year but I’m going to concentrate on learning some new lighting techniques.

I’ve learned so much on this journey and know there is so much more to learn. Please feel free to contact me about your portrait needs. I would love to CREATE something wonderful for you or your family.









IPC image-Official Announcement

IPC Loan Image-Official Announcement

IPC Merit Image-Official Announcement

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