For His Eyes Only Sessions

For His Eyes Only Sessions

I am really excited about a current product line that we have been working hard to develop over the past few years. 2012 say the start of our “For His Eyes Only” line of photography and products and quite simply it’s going to be beautiful. I thought I might take some time in this post to tell you a little bit about “boudoir” photography and explain what it is and what it isn’t.


What is Boudoir? First, how about we start with the definition of boudoir. Wikipedia defines it as a lady’s private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room. The word is derived from the French verb bouder to mean sulky or to be sulky. As far as that goes in photography, boudoir photography takes the shape of fashionable, tasteful images that can be created as a gift for a bride’s future husband or as an anniversary present for married couples. Boudoir does not have to be relegated to only the thin and tall-many women are happy with the results they receive when they are photographed well by a photographer who understands lighting and posing and isn’t afraid to work a little harder to get beautiful that all women would be happy to have for their someone special in their lives.


What types of clothing do you suggest? Boudoir does not necessarily have to be about being scantily clothed either. Clothing suggestions are provided by us and we talk about your comfort level. I never encourage a women to reveal more than she is wanting to and respect that everyone has a moral barometer. However, I don’t shoot couples together nor do I shoot boudoir for men. We only use female photographers for shooting and editing images. Your privacy is also our concern and we never post anything publicly that you don’t wish to have seen by others. Private galleries are available for showing to your friends and require a password.


What does boudoir have to do with weddings? Bridal boudoir is becoming quite popular as a gift for a bride’s husband-to-be. It is a creative add-on and images can be printed into albums, mini books and prints. These prints are meant to be personal expressions of love. If created tastefully and artfully, your fiance will treasure these images for years to come. Some brides chose to do “boudoir parties” for their bridesmaids as a gift. Whatever your reason, boudoir photography has found a home along with wedding photography.


What types of products do you have? For 2013 we will be focusing on specialty prints, our Lil’ Black Book prints and our custom albums. Our sessions will offer a variety of clothing changes but generally one or two different “boudoir” sets. We hope to add more products as we learn more about what our clients want out of their boudoir sessions.

Boudoir and Glamour Sessions start around $259. Call for details.

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