Maternity Sessions

Maternity Sessions at k. Norwood Portraiture

These are very private, intimate sessions and the father and other family members are most welcome. Pregnancy is beautiful and Kathy will capture this fleeting and extremely precious time in your life in timeless Black and White or full color. Sessions are planned around solid black backgrounds. Props are extremely minimal.

Clothing – Sessions can be fully clothed, partially clothed or nude with strategically placed hands, sheets, or other material. Simple tube tops, white cotton button-down shirts, or classically styled nightgowns will all work. If other family members will be photographed then the clothing should be kept simple and coordinated. Bare feet work best. Feel free to bring baby booties, teddy bears, or anything else you would like captured in your portraits.

Suggestions for clothing can be everyone wearing white, blue or black shirts with no logos or patterns (unless it’s very small pinstripes) and blue jeans, black slacks, or khakis.

The next part of the session will be with just you and me and we can do a few more that are a little more artsy and with a bit more dramatic lighting. We also offer belly casting that can be done on a different date. These are fun ways to remember your pregnancy and you can decorate them in lots of different ways. They can also be used later on to photograph with your newborn.

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